Youth lacrosse club serving the Lake Country area of Waukesha county in Wisconsin.

Arrowhead Youth Hockey
The Arrowhead Youth Hockey Association’s purpose is to promote the enjoyment of recreational and competitive benefits of youth hockey. It is our goal to teach the fundamentals of hockey and fun of playing through education, teamwork, discipline, competition and respect. We are not a win-at-all cost organization; instead opting to support fair ice time for all players, to measure development in personal growth, hard work and sportsmanship. We want every player in the organization to reach his or her full potential as a player and as a person. AYHA will continuously evaluate all aspects of the operation, both internal and external, in order to identify areas for improvement and to capitalize on available opportunities. Hockey is about learning, working together as a team and most of all, having fun
Lake Country Chiefs Football
The mission of the Lake Country Chiefs Youth Football organization is to promote the game of football for children in 1st through 8th grade in the Lake Country /Arrowhead High School community. Our goal is to not only develop the basic fundamentals and understanding of the game but to develop a good work ethic, teamwork, perseverance and self-confidence in a safe and fun environment.